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Trichy Situations

Chronicling a Struggle

I'm a Senior (wow, weird) at Ithaca College with a major in English and a minor in writing and Deaf Studies. I want to be an editor when I get out of school, and possibly do a study abroad in London. I love photography, but generally I keep it as just a side hobby. I'm not good enough to do anything else with it.
I'm always lurking around Den of Angels or deviantArt. Usually I'm pretty quiet and I don't get around to talking much. I collect ball-jointed dolls (BJDs) and I have two, an SD and a MSD. One is Nezumi (Nezi) and she's a DOT Shall. The other is Sadhana (Hana) and is a Fairyland MNF Ryeon. ^_^
I have a disorder called trichotillomania, trich for short. I'm starting this journal to track my progress.

I also help to moderate a Trich support group based on deviantArt. We run weekly chats where members just all gather to talk and get things out. I'm a co-founder of the group and 'secretary' of sorts. Please stop by and show your support for those strong people who are out and spreading awareness about Trich. http://trich-club.deviantart.com/